Our roots

Claudio founded Cotrade combining his know-how from years of experience and expertise in the quality standards of cereals and the demand of the cereal market.

He started as an operator at Ravenna’s harbor and he became passionate about the sector, starting a conservation activity in the field of cereals. He is now an expert technician in the cereal field.

He has created Cotrade with his daughter Annagiulia, establishing a company whose purpose is to screen the productions of the cereal market, putting in contact supply and demand, in order to ensure the best prices at the best conditions.


Our aim is to establish a solid relationship of trust and transparency with our partners, combining the demands and offers of the market.

We are building a supply chain that enhances the sharing of cultivated products and their preservation methods. We, therefore, involve farmers, stockists, and end-users.

One of our main priorities is meeting customer demands, in response to customers’ growing attention to the healthiness of processed products