How does Cotrade work?
An overview of our working methods


The years of experience on the field of Claudio, founder of Cotrade, have allowed the creation of a consolidated fiduciary network between farmers, Stockers, mills, feed factories and other subjects of the sector. 

Trust, sharing of methodologies and disciplinary for good cultivation practices and proper preservation of cereals, are the elements that have helped to create an open and cooperative climate among the partners involved.


Over the years, new conservation techniques have been developed in the biological sector, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen, which have required the storage centres to introduce structural measures in order to make the equipment suitable for Conservation of organic cereals.

Cotrade over the years has undertaken together with the stockers to direct the market towards a new type of preservation of cereals, using conservation techniques with low environmental impact to improve the healthiness and maintenance of the Organoleptic characteristics of the products.


Cotrade SRL undertakes with its customers a fiduciary relationship that is the basis of the sale of products destined to human food and feed, both conventional and organic.

Each trade agreement developed by Cotrade with its customers is accompanied by the declaration of Hygienic Health Conformity, the origin of the product and the traceability in the biological sector.

It also guarantees the application of the requirements of regulations 852/2004 for food products and 183/2005 for feed products.


Cotrade, in a short and reliable time, is able to find the products requested on the national territory by selecting the made in Italy product.

Cotrade satisfies the customer’s requirements by relying on its trusted partners, selected to be sensitive to new market trends and new demands. To achieve this objective, we involve our suppliers and their farmers, always analysing together with them the new demands and the trends of the cereal market, using agronomists who undertake to put into practice the best practices of Cultivation.


The cereals collected and stored in the plants that are proposed by Cotrade are strictly separated for quality and characteristics of the products, to allow an offer more and more targeted to the needs of our customers.

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